The Yacht Guru’s Bible: The Service Manual for Every Yacht

High-end hospitality professionals need to be at the top of their game.

Would you like to have the answers to all of your wine, food service, housekeeping, and laundry questions at your fingertips? Well, now you can with the most comprehensive book for stewards available, the Yacht Guru’s Bible: The Service Manual for Every Yacht.

  • Know the skills and abilities needed for elite hospitality service. Understand the proper etiquette and protocol to provide service with poise and confidence.
  • The Yacht Guru’s Bible offers info on effective procedures for organizing, planning, and managing resources to meet owner and guest standards and expectations.
  • This detailed blueprint to hospitality success brings an executive approach to the service environment and helps teams organize departments to meet the specific preferences of owners and guests.
The Yacht Guru’s Bible

The Yacht Guru’s Bible helps luxury hospitality professionals manage daily tasks efficiently and confidently.

It offers step-by-step advice with detailed how-to-lists, including:
• Training requirements to meet yacht industry standards.
• Setting up standard operating procedures specific to your service environment.
• Formal and informal table service and guest amenities.
• Housekeeping and Laundry knowledge and management procedures.
• Advanced info on Wine and Cocktails, Caviar, Cheese, and Cigars.
• Detailed checklists, templates, and guidelines to set up your own guidebooks.

EASY TO FOLLOW – Clear, concise, information and practical tips.
HUGE VALUE – This book is the foundation of the 10-day courses costing thousands that Alene taught onboard yachts and in the classroom for years.
SAVES TIME – A handy resource of support even when there is no internet.

If you’re a superyacht stewardess or luxury hospitality professional looking to provide service with poise and confidence, then the Yacht Guru’s Bible is exactly what you need.

From Julie Perry, author of The Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess:

“Alene Keenan is a seasoned yachting pro, and I’m thrilled she came out with the ultimate onboard bible to help interior yacht crew of all levels deliver top-notch service. In fact, exterior yacht crew will also benefit from the high service standards Alene promotes and teaches in The Yacht Guru’s Bible.”

“I have also written a career guide for yacht crew professionals — it is very much focused on how to get started in the industry. But my book merely covers the basics of what Alene then takes to the next level in terms of on-the-job know-how. This is why I tell all my readers that while my book may help them GET their first job, they’ll need Alene’s book to KEEP that job, not to mention EXCEL at it.”

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