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The Yacht Stew Guru’s Ultimate Yacht Interior Courses Online: COMING SOON


Announcing the online courses that get you the  globally recognized  training system that has been refined and polished onboard and in the classroom for over 10 years.

  • Customizable
  • Delivered to you in the comfort of your own home
  • Available whenever it suits your schedule
  • Without spending thousands of dollars!

The Yacht Stew Guru’s Ultimate Yacht Interior courses teach you the advanced skillsets stews are expected to deliver, as well as insider tips and tricks to address the most common challenges and frustrations faced onboard.

ALL COURSES: One-on-0ne Private Sessions available now.

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Courses and Descriptions

• Principles of Guest Service
• Personal Presentation and Etiquette
• Food Service Styles and Techniques
• Dishes, Cutlery, and Glassware
• Service Utensils, Equipment and Linens
• Table Setting
• Different Styles of Service
• Beverage Service
• Order of Service
• Proper Serving, Presentation, and Clearing Techniques
• Promoting Food Safety
• Dietary Requirements
• Basic Floral Principles
• Basic Floral Care
Wine 1

I. Choosing Wine and Wine Terms

• Definition of Wine
• The Noble Grapes
• New World/vs Old World Wines
• The Notion of Terroir and the 5 Characteristic Traits of Wine
• A Spectrum of White Wine Scents and Flavors
• A Spectrum of Red Wine Scents and Flavors
• Review of the Six Grapes We Cover
• The 4 V’s That Tie It All Together
• Demystifying Wine Labels and Wine
Apps—Good or Bad?

Wine 2

II. The Rules for Tasting, Serving and Storing Wine

• Spectrum of Wine Scents and Flavors
• How Smell and Taste are Related
• Where Smell and Taste Come From in Wine
• How to Smell and Taste Wine
• Key Characteristics to Evaluate Wine
• How to Open a Bottle of Wine
• How to Serve Wine
• How to Decant Wine
• How to Store Wine
• A Bit About Prices
Coming Soon - Please check back
• Applying professional and efficient Housekeeping Services Onboard
• Professional fabric care and maintenance
• Professional cleaning and maintenance of surfaces
• Organizing and correct cleaning techniques
• Correct use of chemicals and equipment
• Preparing daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning and maintenance procedures and schedules
• Guest and crew areas detailing
• Pre-arrival and guests-on procedures and schedules
• Maintain health, hygiene, and safety practices in the housekeeping department
  • Guest Laundry procedures
  • Crew laundry procedures
  • Clothing Care Labels
  • Laundry Products
  • Understands Laundry Labels and Washing Machine & Dryer Symbols
  • Symbols on Washing Machines
    • Temperature Settings
    • Pre-Wash Feature
    • Fabric Softener
    • Rinse / Spin Cycles
    • Delicate Items
  • Symbols on Dryers
    • Temperature Settings
    • Fabric Settings
  • Maintaining Laundry Equipment
  • Ironing Equipment and Products
  • Folding and Presenting Laundry
Coming Soon - Please check back
Coming Soon - Please check back
  • Elements of Floral Design
  • Storing, Conditioning, and Maintaining Fresh Flowers
  • Caring for and Maintaining Flowers and Plants Onboard
  • Maintaining Equipment and Tools
  • Fundamentals of Color and Dimension of Arrangements
  • Special Information for Your Yacht

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