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Megayacht News leadership series: Alene Keenan, Yacht Stew Solutions

By Diane M. Byrne on 08.21.11

Alene Keenan knows from personal experience the challenges and rewards of working on a megayacht. She created Yacht Stew Solutions to help teach all aspects of service.

From tea service to teamwork, and caviar and cheese service to confidentiality, Keenan stresses the key professional requirements. When she’s not teaching in the classroom or onboard, she’s imparting words of wisdom through her regular columns with the crew newspaper The Triton. In this Leadership Series interview, Keenan explains how communication is the key to success in both owning and running a yacht. As she says,

If you are the captain, you can see what is going on. If you are a charter broker, you have feedback from your clients. If you are an owner, you have to tell us how we are doing and what you would like us to do differently.”

Alene Keenan

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