Alene’s story


I teach yacht stewards and hospitality professionals how to feel confident about delivering Luxury Service, Housekeeping and Interior Management skills to advance their careers and become highly-paid yacht stews and highly-sought after hospitality pros.

Keeping the Dream Yachting Lifestyle Alive: How I went from stressed-out Chief Stew to helping hundreds of stews get ahead by building their confidence and skills with online and onboard courses owners love.

Before I wrote a successful book, before I wrote my PYA/GUEST approved courses and spent years training stews in the classroom and onboard yachts worldwide, there was an overworked Chief Stew “yes” girl. Eager to please– but desperate for approval. I just wanted everyone to be happy!!

In the beginning, I was scared to death of damaging something valuable, making a terrible mistake in service, or disappointing the owners and guests. My confidence was shaky, and there was not much information out there to help me build my skills.

The Accidental Expert

My venture into yacht stewardess training was not exactly smooth sailing. Two-decades of high-octane yachting had me traveling all over the world on private and charter yachts. Being involved in all aspects of the daily operations of each boat, it was clear that there was no consistency in how to do the job. It seemed like every yacht and every Chief Stew was different, and it was impossible to know what to expect next. Starting out was often trial and error, making the same mistakes as every other stew.

When I became a Chief Stew, I vowed to change that. The need for standardized training was obvious; not just in food and beverage service, but in housekeeping and laundry, too. I was always on the lookout for new ways to improve my skills and share that knowledge with others. I loved helping stews develop their skills. So I wrote a book.

I’m the author of  “The Yacht Guru’s Bible: The Service Manual for Every Yacht. Before that, I spent more than 2 decades working on yachts, 15 years as Chief Stew. I have been sharing my expertise for more than 14 years in the monthly Stew Cues column on, a  publication for yachting professionals.

Shore-side, I created the interior department curriculum for Maritime Professional Training in Fort Lauderdale, the most complete full service private maritime school in the US. At the same time, I worked together with the Professional Yachting Association setting up a system of standards for Yacht Interior Training and Education. The courses became part of the Guidelines in Unified Excellence in Service Training Program (GUEST).

Getting my courses approved and spending years teaching face-to-face in the classroom, I know, what the most common frustrations and problems are, as well as what you are expected to know about Wine, Cocktails, Silver Service, Housekeeping, Laundry, and Interior Administration.


I wrote the book, I wrote the courses, and now I’m bringing it all online in a fresh, new system. Seeing other stews succeed is my life’s mission. Stick with me and we’ll make it happen.  

Below Deck: Reality TV, The Wrong Attitude, and Keeping the Dream Alive

The reality TV series “Below Deck” that depicts the crew of a superyacht dealing with their personal dramas may not be highly regarded among industry professionals, but it certainly opened the doors of opportunity. There have never been so many newbies getting into the industry with no training and no clue what professional yachting is all about. They need to learn the ropes. They must know how to do the things that keep the owners’ dreams of the perfect yachting lifestyle alive.

A skilled, qualified team is the foundation of elite yacht service and the secret ingredient to living the dream yachting lifestyle.

THIS IS FOR YOU IF you are an aspiring yacht stew who wants to be seen as a pro, a solo or second stew who is being promoted to Chief Stew, or if you are a Captain or Owner who wants to have a professionally trained crew to do things the way you want them done .

You’ve come to the right place. These systems work hard, so you don’t have to. .

Is this a good fit for you? For more information, please contact me now, and let’s see how we can work together!