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New Online Course: Building Wine Skills

Building Wine Skills

Wine Essentials for Switched-on Stews who need to be Knowledgeable About Wine and Sharpen their Skills to Advance their Careers.

Feel confident choosing, serving, and pairing wines

Learn the language of wine and end the confusion about wine labels, language, and prices.

Know the rules about proper wine service and storage.

Before I learned the rules about proper wine service and storage, understood the language of wine, and knew how to read a wine label, I felt awkward. I absolutely dreaded having the responsibility of choosing and purchasing wine that wasn’t on the preference sheets. Wine can be awfully expensive, and I was terrified of making a costly mistake. Once we had guests on, I felt uncomfortable having a conversation with them about the wine I was serving, or how to pair it with foods, and I wasn’t even certain I was opening and serving it correctly.

I realized that for me to feel confident choosing and serving wine, I needed some guidelines. First, I should know what my owners and guests liked, what the characteristics of those wines were, and how to describe them to a wine merchant. Next, I needed to learn the language of wine, how to read labels, and how to understand ratings and prices. Finally, I needed to create a system to make sure all the stews on my team knew the wine list, how to pronounce the names correctly, could have a conversation about it with the guests and could serve it properly.

Over the years as a Chief Stew, I narrowed it down to the most important principles about wine and threw in some really fun information along with it. Before long, I was teaching other stews about wine, doing international onboard training, and writing courses for a maritime academy. That’s how this wine course started.

After many years of being a chief stew, an author, a monthly columnist, and a PYA accredited course writer and interior trainer (both onboard yachts and in the classroom), you can now train with me online with a live, one-on-one Zoom call, when it is convenient for you.

The Building Wine Skills Online Wine Course is a step-by-step process for building the expertise switched-on stews need to be more knowledgeable, sharpen their skills and advance their careers.

I have written a 2-Module Course that is available now. For a limited time, I am offering a 50% discount.The course includes two live one-on-one zoom calls, a workbook, and a personal consultation with me.

$125 per module or $237 for both. 

50% discount through July 31.

Here’s what you’ll learn:


Contact me on Facebook messenger, email me at yachtstewguru@gmail.com or call 954-873-2869 to set up a discovery call and schedule your class.

For pricing and availability, contact me through www.alenekeenan.com; call, text, or What’s App 954-873-2869 ; message me on Facebook; or email me at yachtstewguru@gmail.com.

Watch for more all-new, original courses to offer online and on demand that will give stews the information they need at their fingertips.

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