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New website launched

With so many exciting things going on in the busy life of the Yacht Stew Guru, I’ve finally found the time to invest in my brand.

As my business and brand have grown into a comprehensive service offering for crew, captains and yacht owners alike, I am pleased to launch my new site.

Strategically, for my business to move forward, I decided to draw together all my service offerings into one website and under the brand name of alenekeenan.com

The main focus of this new site is to offer a platform for anyone involved in the yachting industry – stew, broker, owner, captain – to find the support they need when it comes to delivering premium service.


Alene has created online versions of her most popular courses! To make certified training available to as many people as possible during these uncertain times, virtual courses are the best way to go!

I offer online as well as onboard training covering all relevant topics, from food service, interior management and housekeeping to cultural sensitivity, interpersonal skills and leadership.

As a consultant, I can help you with the smooth running of your vessel.

If you’re looking for a tangible resource to get your hands on, look no further than The Yacht Guru’s Bible: The service manual for every yacht. You can order your copy online or download the pdf to have a wealth of service knowledge at your fingertips.

The Yacht Guru's Bible: The service manual for every yacht

If any of this sounds of interest to you, why don’t you send me a message?

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